Connecting dogs to the job of their lifetime.

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The Gold Leash K9TM
Transforming the lives of dogs and their human counterparts.

With over a decade of experience and nearly 10,000 dogs on our AI-enhanced platform, Gold Leash is the industry leader in aligning dogs with the jobs of their lifetime. Our intelligent platform and programs, developed in collaboration with animal welfare, hero, and working dog organizations, have undergone meticulous testing and refinement to further enhance our ability to deliver effective and efficient solutions for a variety of dog and human pairings.

Our services cater to every vital societal role for dogs:

Working Dogs

Maximize Performance.

Tools, expertise, and comprehensive reporting that optimizes your K9 programs' performance while also mitigating risks.

Service Dogs

Transform Lives Together. Streamlined program management of your human/dog pairings that empowers you to remain connected for the lifetime of their relationship. Improve outcomes using our platform’s reporting data to support fundraising as well as compliance with future government standards.

Companion Dogs

Foster Lifelong Bonds. Gamified routines, care, and training that will foster a strong lifelong relationship between dogs and their families. Our program support helps dogs excel in their roles while promoting wellness for the entire family.


A digital gathering space for your community where they can encourage, celebrate, and support one another through social posting and interactive games.

Take Your Dog Training Business to the Next Level

Unlock new possibilities for your business using our innovative platform and programs to transform your services to increase profitability. Our comprehensive continuing education and wellness products offer ongoing training and support, making you and your services more valuable to your customers.

Unlock You and Your Dog’s Potential

Joining Gold Leash empowers you with access to an unparalleled platform and proprietary programs that are each uniquely designed to transform the lives of dogs and the humans they support.